I am Prof. Dr. Ozan Yarman, a Turkish composer, pianist and music theorist. (Click for my YouTube Channel.)

Though a musician educated in Classical Western music, I am engaged in microtonality and maqam theories. I achieved the title of “Doctor of Musicology” in 2008 and “Associate Professor of Musicology and Music Theories” in 2011.

I spearheaded the MELM > www.mtonalist.org Event in December 2011. Discovering the physical-mathematical foundations of tones, tunings, and harmonies enchant me.

I have great curiosity toward Mu’tazilite discourse, cosmology, physics, nature, history and socio-politics. Additionally, my poetry can be accessed from: http://ozanyarman.com/wpress.

I renewed this internet page in April 2009 and updated it on October 2022. It is best viewed with Firefox and Chrome web browsers (under Mac ).




Welcome to my site!

Hasan Çelebi’s calligraphy:

         “Ozan / Evzani”

Ozan Yarman is a pianist, composer and music theorist with a doctorate and also an associate professorhip degree in Musicology.